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Dragonfly Web Creations is proud to display a few of our favourite projects. Working closely with our clients, we were able to ensure the projects successfully communicated the desired message to their prospective audiences.

Feel free to browse through our portfolio and have a look at the solutions we've achieved for our clients. To talk to us about your business contact us by e-mail at info@dragonflywebcreations.com.

Melanie Willard, Professional Speaker, Cornwall, Alexandria, Ottawa, Montreal, Ontario, Quebec

KP Fit, Katharine Perry, Cornwall, Ontario

Janet St-Pierre Yoga, Cornwall, Chesterville, Morrisburg, Iroquois, Williamsburg, Winchester, Ontario

Cornwall Appliance Repair, Washer Dryer Oven Stove Fridge Repair, Cornwall, Ontario

Shannon Marion, Registered Manual Physiotherapist, Cornwall, Ontario

The Outdoor Adventure Company, Hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Camping, Alberta, Canada

Sports Energy News, Community Sports Newspaper, Mike Piquette, Cornwall, Ontario

Fermented Grape, Wine & Beer Making, Cornwall, Ontario

McRae Farms (Shawn McRae), Bainsville, Ontario

Join our fight for strong property rights in Canada

Viau Mechanical, Cornwall, Ontario

Blessed Sacrament Church, Cornwall, Ontario

Ashley Sorts It Out, Ashley Lapierre, Cleaning and Organizing, Cornwall

MAQ Sonar Equipment, Commerical Fishing Industry

Future Office Products, Printers, Copiers, Computer Support, Cornwall, Ontario

The Shock Exchange, Mike Piquette, Cornwall, Ontario

Dr. Gloria Rockwell, Plastic Surgeon, Ottawa, Ontario

RFW Kitchens, Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms, Cornwall, Ontario

Phil Lapierre Photography

Precious Blood Church, Glen Walter, Ontario, St. Joseph Church, Lancaster, Ontario