Brad Robertson.

Put my twist on it,
it will be the next big thing.

Brad Robertson

Put my twist on it,
it will be the next big thing.
My name is Brad Robertson, if we’ve met before, thanks for viewing my website; if not, hopefully I’ll hear from you soon and I look forward to meeting you.

I am currently studying at Laurentian University majoring in Business Administration. My past accomplishments include a three-year Business Administration, advanced diploma in management, at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario.

Throughout my high school years I gained valuable retail experience working part time at Perkins Rona Home Centre in Cornwall Ontario. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Rona were great mentors, providing leadership and excellent customer service knowledge that I’ve adopted and utilize as I continue to hone my personal growth, business development and employability skills.

I continue to work part time while studying at Laurentian University and am currently employed with St. Lawrence College School of Business. The SLC School of Business provides the opportunity to utilize skills learned and experiment with new ideas and techniques, working in an office environment and learning how all key parts of an office environment works together to achieve a common goal. SLC’s School of Business goal is to improve student life and ensure every student has opportunities to hone their skills and grow.

The opportunities I’ve had and experience I’ve gained has allowed me to develop into a confident, energetic, high achieving individual. I have many skills and ideas I can offer to improve marketing, Human Resources, Operations and many more aspects of your business.


Orange Tie.

My Branding
“Why the orange tie” is a question I often receive. In 3rd year of my Business Administration – Management program, I was offered the opportunity to compete in a three-person team at the BDC Vanier Marketing Case Challenge. Finishing just short of qualifying for the final rounds, it turned out to be a turning point in my life. I learnt a great deal about myself, and the things I could accomplish if I am given a challenge. In front of a room full of bright young business minds and current business leaders, I gave the strongest presentation of my life wearing an orange tie. “It must have been the orange tie,” I thought to myself.

Orange signifies: risk-taking, vibrant, optimism, enthusiastic, self-confidence and creativity. These are all things I felt that day during my presentation and everything I feel about myself everyday. That is why I wear the orange tie.

Brad Robertson.

Why me?


Being in business is an opportunity, the opportunity to push yourself and the people around you to be in sync and work as a team to achieve a greater common goal. I share my ideas and vision with great communication and openness to creativity from the people who surround me.

Problem Solver

The role of marketing today is improving branding and creating the ultimate experience for customers. Improving branding and customer service plays a role in problem solving to improve the customer experience.


I am always thinking of new ways to grow a brand and looking for the next opportunity to market the next big idea. I am able to identify an opportunity, create a plan and execute it to extreme detail while also realizing the changing dynamics of marketing today.


Leadership is knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the people around you, guiding everyone towards the common goal as well as realizing individual goals in the process.


I am not afraid to take calculated and educated risk for opportunities that may exist.


Being innovative and thinking beyond the boundaries is not the sole reason I consider myself a future entrepreneur. Making decisions everyday to benefit the company, being selfless and working hard and making decisions as it would be my own brand, make me efficient and dedicated.

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